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The Micro-breweries Calgary Supports

It is amazing how successful the Calgary craft brewery tours have become and how much support these get from the residents and from the tourists who travel all the way to experience the festivities. Known to be the best Albert craft beer, the Calgary craft beer is world famous because of the quality and the story found in every bottle.

These Calgary micro-breweries are well known because of that, they are well encouraged to maintain their system and remain as a small industry as these establishments are able to provide truly one of a kind beer that cannot be found anywhere else. The craft beer Alberta is proud of lives in a specific systematized condition and all the breweries are a success because of it.

The Size 

The craft beer Calgary produces in these micro-breweries are of limited number and these are often showcased during the craft brewery tours Calgary offers. What is exceptional with these micro-breweries is the fact that they are able to keep the quality of their blends at maximum because they work limitedly and are not required to have a multitude of production.

The Independence 

Calgary Micro-Brewery

Calgary Micro-Brewery

Owners of these breweries are local residents and they work independently from each other, and do not compete with the commercialized breweries. These breweries are high in authenticity and conduct themselves to their own standards leaving limited room for errors and unwanted production processes – all that happens in these breweries are specific and well measured.

The Tradition 

Small production of these breweries keeps the processes very traditional and sticks with the original ways and means to be able to produce the best beer blends out there. Each brewery has their very own historically based processes with blends that are often passed on form generation, making them uniquely created.

Determination, persistence and a long family history are what keep these micro-breweries in Calgary going strong through the years with beer tours that generate a lot of guests and visitors. Featuring the historical value of these breweries, their products as well as a taste of the local culture are the key ingredients that further the success of the different beer stories in Calgary.