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Controlled Label Beers

minhas private label beersWhen it comes to intoxicating alcoholic beverages, beer is usually the first thing that comes to mind.  This is because beer is widely popular among alcohol drinkers as it is both an enjoyable and fun liquor to drink.  This goes to show why beer is still the undisputed most popular and most widely consumed alcoholic beverage all over the world.  The volume of beer being made will simply drown the production of wine and distilled spirits combined.  This is exactly how popular beer is and why it is to this day the favorite of the masses.

Almost every country on earth has their own brewing company where they make and produce beer.  However, for other countries as well in the United States, the brewing companies that they have are not just one but several or even multiples.  This is because a beer brewing company does not always mean the size of large manufacturer and mass producers of beer as they can simply be small scale breweries or microbreweries that cater to particular types of customers with their finely crafted beer flavors.

In the eloquence of business, there are actually beer brands and distributor of beers that do not exactly manufacture their own beer.  These private label beer companies or contract brewing companies actually hire other breweries to make their beer product for them – more of like outsourcing their beer production.  This type of business mechanics is actually a win-win situation for both business types as the brewer no longer have to worry about marketing as they now have a steady client whom they brew beer for.  On the other hand, the beer distributor no longer have to worry about beer production and equipment as this is now in the hands of the brewery they outsource their beer product to.

In the U.S., there is an Alcoholic Beverage Control States or simply control states that have monopoly in the wholesale and retail of alcoholic beverages, including beer.  These 18 states have created jurisdiction as well as monopoly on production, distribution, and sale of alcoholic beverages.  Private label beers that are produced in these states are controlled label beers.  Depending on the 18 state they fall under to, their production, distribution, retail, wholesale, ownership, or private business income are controlled and regulated by their state.