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The Beer With A Heart: Craft Brewery Tours Calgary

When you get the chance to travel and wish for an experience that will be both fun and cultural, try the Calgary craft brewery tours as obviously you will get to sample the local Calgary craft beer but you will also get a shot at seeing the local culture.  Most of the breweries that are part of creating craft beer Calgary have done their fair share not just to gain a stable and prosperous business but also through engaging the local communities.

Business as Usual 

Of course when you get to join a brewery tour of world famous Alberta craft beer, you get to witness the business side of things, how the beer is created and manufactured, how it is packed and shipped to stores, and all the other technicalities of the trade. It also gives you the sense of how craft beer Alberta is different from those of other cities and countries as they will definitely provide you the opportunity to sample some of the best blends.

The Fun of the Trade 

Calgary Brewery

Calgary Brewery

No matter how you formal you think the tour will take you on your journey, just the thought of beer is already an injected idea of fun to the package. Aside from getting the chance to sample all the beers you will also get the chance to listen to all the stories and experiences of some of the employees of these breweries and maybe leave the tour wanting to have a job just like theirs.

Add Art and Culture 

One of the most awaited portions of these brewery tours is the chance to add a bit of art and culture to the mix especially with some of the local music acts. Singers, bands and other artists are often added into the package, somehow an additional treat for those who join the tours and of course there is nothing more artistic and cultural than another pint of beer.

Behind the Scenes 

A special feature that not a lot of the tourists are able to see and often happen behind the scenes is the act of helping others especially the communities that surround these breweries, as not a lot know that these businesses are far from just creating business ventures for themselves alone, they are also attuned to the direct interest and needs of the nearby communities. So getting the chance to join these tours is not just a beer trip for you but it also gives you the chance to help others.