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How to Make a Manhattan

It’s easy to say that the Manhattan cocktail drink is one of the most loved cocktail drinks all over the world.  In fact, this Manhattan cocktail drink is considered as one of the oldest alcoholic cocktail drinks around as this drink is nearly a hundred and fifty years old.  It has actually been that long already ever since this drink was invented.  Even so, the Manhattan is still to date, one of the most widely ordered cocktail drinks around the world.  There is no bartender, dead or alive, who does not know how to create this drink.

The truth about the Manhattan is that its time old legacy has been somewhat blurred as what was once the original recipe in making the Manhattan is now mostly a preference of traditionalist aficionados.  These people prefer the original drink’s recipe from that of its inception.

The thing is that the Manhattan, during its creation, made use of American rye whiskey in its making.  However, when the prohibition act was implemented, the availability of the American rye whiskey was in short supply.  For this reason, bartenders made use of Canadian whiskey which was then at that time in good supply. This is actually the very reason as to why most bartenders these days use Canadian whiskey when making the Manhattan instead of rye whiskey.  In fact, nowadays, the use of Canadian whiskey and bourbon whiskey are more relatively common in making the Manhattan than the use of rye whiskey.

Since its creation, the Manhattan has seen hashes of its original recipe that have become highly respectable variations of the original drink.  Nevertheless, there won’t be any other drink if the original Manhattan wasn’t born.  In respect to the original Manhattan, here’s how to make a Manhattan.

2 oz. Rye Whiskey
½ oz. Sweet Vermouth
2-3 dashes Angostura Bitters
Maraschino Cherry for Garnish

To make the classic Manhattan, first, get a mixing glass and fill it with all the liquids needed in making the cocktail drink.  This includes the American rye whiskey, the sweet vermouth, and the dashes of angostura bitters – all in necessary amounts.  Next, fill the mixing glass with ice.  Once that’s done, get your bar spoon and gently stir the contents of the mixing glass.  Make sure not to agitate so the liquids do not become blurry.  Strain the content into your cocktail glass.  Garnish the drink with maraschino cherry.  Enjoy.