Saxer Beer

Saxer Beer

Henry Saxer


ommercial brewing in the Pacific Northwest began in 1852, when a German immigrant named Henry Saxer established his Liberty Brewery at the new village called Portland in the Oregon Territory. Henry Saxer missed being the first brewer on the Pacific Coast by three years; that honor went to San Francisco brewer Adam Schuppert in 1849.

Henry Saxer was among the vanguard in a growing parade of pioneer Northwest brewers who brought their art to a thirsty frontier. Introducing the careful brewing methods of the Old Country, these adventurous brewers set themselves to the task of satisfying what seemed to be a limitless demand. Saxer’s modest beer plant was near First and Davis Streets in downtown Portland. It was the first of a number of early breweries in the Northwest Territory.


Photo of historic Liberty Brewing building, circa 1860, Portland, OR

Photo of historic Liberty Brewing building, circa 1860, Portland, OR


ight years after beginning brewing in 1852, Henry Saxer’s original small wooden house had grown to three large adjoining two-story buildings. In 1862 Saxer sold his brewery to a young German brewer named Henry Weinhard from neighboring Fort Vancouver, across the Columbia River. Thus began the epoch of Oregon’s largest and longest-running brewing company.

Today, Saxer Brewing Company carries the name of its pioneer namesake because he embodies the spirit and tradition of making the finest hand-crafted beer in the Pacific Northwest.



What To Expect In The Calgary Craft Brewery Tours

If you want to experience a vacation that gets you from one amazing experience to another then trust that joining the Calgary craft brewery tours will give you just that and more. The task of being part of the craft brewery tour Calgary is specific not just for those who love a bottle of beer but for those who seek a really great time that they will not forget.

Calgary Micro-Breweries

Calgary Micro-Breweries

Get to see how beer is made. Those who love to travel are well aware of the presence of breweries in other countries, but what makes each brewery different from another is the process that each of these companies, mostly families, that expertly and uniquely put into their beer blend. Joining the tour will give you a glimpse of the different ways that they develop their beers and the variety of ingredients and processes that they use.

Get to sample the products. Most breweries that belong in the tour are always well equipped with receiving visitors and they are ready and rearing to give out samples of their concoctions to those who visit. Aside from beer there are also other products that are available like food and apparel which you can also get to purchase.

Get to experience the culture. When joining a tour it is inevitable for you to see how truly different one company is from another. Grab the chance to let the culture sink in, observe the locals and listen to the brewery owners as they reveal just what makes their business and products different from those of others.

Get to enjoy the experience and have fun. Sometimes it is not just the beer and brewery products that will surprise you, there could also be singing and dancing and a whole lot of fun activities cooked up by the brewery you visit. Sit back, relax and enjoy the festivities as much as you can.

Microbreweries – Gaining Popularity

It is undeniable that the beer products released by microbreweries were very much underrated in the past.  This is because most people are accustomed to drinking widely popular and highly advertised beers only.  However, thanks to the internet, the opinions of real beer connoisseurs are getting heard as they tell of how premium and high quality the beers made from microbreweries are.  This then has slowly began to change everything as more and more people now are becoming fans of the highly sought after craft beer from microbreweries.

As of the moment, microbreweries have only a small portion of the beer market.  This is mainly because they do not produce their products in very large volumes.  The reason for this is that they want to maintain control over the uniqueness in the taste of their products.  This could only be done by applying the ‘art’ element in making beer and not the pure ‘science’ that large breweries do.

Craft beers made by microbreweries have that unique taste and aroma not found in regular mass-produced beers.  Beer connoisseurs love the flavorful tastes and aromas of craft beer.  They undeniably claim that craft beers are of the finest quality beers around that have premium and exquisite taste you will not find in ordinary beers.  If you are fond of drinking beer, it is important that you have a taste of what a real high quality beer should be.

One of the reasons why craft beer attracts those who want high quality beers is that the ingredients they use is very different from the norm.  While major breweries strive for that distinct taste, microbreweries aim for that strong and appealing flavor and aroma.  This also basically distinguishes each craft beer maker from the others.

In Canada, Calgary micro-breweries are becoming popular as the demands for craft beer there have never been higher.  The micro-breweries Calgary has are one of the finest examples of microbreweries as their standards for uniqueness and high quality tastes are very high.  If you are curious on how they make their beer, there is even Calgary brewery tours which you can join to learn about their art of making fine quality beer.